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Available Lab positions:

If we have offers for Post-doctoral fellows, they will be published here. In addition, we are happy to support applications for external fellowships. 

If you are interested in neuroanatomy, microscopy techniques, or animal behavioural paradigms and would like to get some research experience as an undergraduate research assistant or complete a Masters degree, please send an informal enquiry.

For all enquiries, please email Janelle Pakan (

Group Leader

Dr. Janelle Pakan

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Julia Henschke


LSA Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Evelyn Dylda



PhD Student

Adrian Wendlandt

PhD Student

A. Price​

Co-supervised with Motoharu Yoshida
Price, Alyssa Marie.JPG

Research Assistants

Nicole D'Souza

Mojdeh Azarnia

Kareem Shalabi
Cathleen Knape

Research Technician

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